Apparently its not okay that I’m really happy riding and selling bikes. I have to get a ‘real’ job.

So bored of this conversation.

Someone please recommend me something good to read for when I go away.

Many thanks x

"Soco Amaretto Lime"
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Your Favorite Weapon
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28 Jul 14 at 6 am

Good weekend / sore arse.

Good weekend / sore arse.

21 Jul 14 at 9 am

Asked by Anonymous

asker I'd share a bed with you, let you be the little spoon or have your head on my chest all cosy and stuff

Let’s do it.

21 Jul 14 at 9 am

I miss sharing a bed with someone.

15 Jul 14 at 8 am

Do I go to Malaysia and Thailand for 3 weeks, or work for 3 weeks? Tough choice.

12 Jul 14 at 8 am

I would definitely travel the world with you, despite how little I actually know about you.